Tosh Arita

General Manager


Toshinori “Tosh” Arita is a deputy general manager at New Business Development Center of Ricoh Company, responsible for internal investments in industrial domain and Ricoh Ventures. Prior to joining Ricoh, he founded and managed Honda Strategic Venturing (HSV), a corporate venturing arm of Honda Motor based in California and Japan. At HSV, he led the transpacific teams to scout and invest into technology startups to enhance Honda’s R&D capability. He served as a board/observer member at Canesta (acquired by Microsoft), Ciespace, Pixim (acquired by SONY), Digital Fountain (acquired by Qualcomm), Virent technology, among others. Before Honda, he founded a startup developing BtoB procurement platform for agriculture machinery OEMs in Asia and sold it to a consortium of the dealership.

Before entering the venture community, he practiced M&A at JP Morgan in NY and Tokyo.

Tosh holds an MBA from University of Chicago and a BA from Chuo University in Tokyo